General Information

› About this help file

This help file will give you a basic introduction to the 3D editor TriModo. You will step through the tutorial and receive practical tips that you can execute directly.

Transformations: Here you will explained e.g. Displacements, rotations and scaling of objects in TriModo.

› conventions

The following conventions are used in this tutorial:

Window and dialog names begin with a capital letter.
For example: The Main window opens.

Window and dialog elements are shown in quotation marks. The element names are the buttons, dialogs, windows, options, etc.
For example: Click on the "OK" button;.

Shortcuts that you use are written in capital letters. If you should hold down a key, while the other can press one or more buttons below, a plus sign (+) is used to represent the key combination.
For example: Press Ctrl + A.

File paths are written in capital letters. Stand-alone file name in quotes.
For example: c: \ program files \ TriModo \ TUTORIAL \. \.

The following representations are used to highlight passages:

Useful information and tips that make you work with the program. This includes references to other parts of the tutorial where you will learn more details.

Important information that you should follow if you want to avoid malfunction or error.

Warnings, you should always give and follow your attention. If you ignore the warnings may result in serious malfunction with data loss.

› System Requirements

  • To use TriModo on your PC, you need the following minimum configuration:
  • Intel i3 or AMD compatible
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8
  • Intel HD graphics card, NVIDIA, AMD / ATI 256MB min.
  • Disk space (program): 150MB