The menu bar

› Menu File

Menuleiste Datei

The menu items in the "Datei" menu

  1. "Open": Loading s .spx Scene.
  2. "Save": Saves the current scene as spx file.
  3. "Save As": Save the scene as spx file under a name chosen by you.
  4. "Close": Close the current scene.
  5. "Export": Export the current scene int .stl file format
  6. "Recent Files": Displays a list of recently opened files in the program. Click with the mouse on an entry to open the scene.
  7. "Beenden": Beenden des 3D Editor TriModo.

› Edit menu

Menuleiste Bearbeiten
  1. The edit mode consists of the entries "Undo", "Redo " and the commands "Cut", "Copy", "Paste" und "Delete" to operate the clipboard.
  2. Using the menu item "Settings"you have the possibility to make various general settings.

› "Display" menu

Menuleiste Anzeige

The menu items in the "Display" menu

  1. "Points (selected object)": surface points of the selected objects are displayed.
  2. "Triangles (selected object": The surface triangles of the selected objects are displayed.
  3. "Hide / Show marked Primitive": The highlighted points are hidden or shown.
  4. "Hide unselected objects"The selected objects are not hidden.
  5. "Hide Selected Objects": The selected objects are hidden.
  6. "Show all items": All properties are presented.

› "Dialogs" menu

Menuleiste Dialoge

The menu items in the "Dialog" menu

  1. "Transformation": to open a dialog edit transformations.
  • All dialogs that can be accessed using the "Dialogs" menu can also be opened via a button in the toolbar.

› "Primitives" menu

Menuleiste Grundobjekte

The menu items in the "Primitives" menu

  1. Cube: Cube with you to create a box with 12 polygons..
    Here you can specify the dimension of the space in mm, For example. 50x50x50mm.
  2. Plane: creating a surface.
    The surface or "Plane" called is specified in cells.
    Example 10 cells on the X axis, 10 cells on the Z axis. Each cell on the X coordinate is to be 10 mm and the Z coordinate is also 10 mm.
    In this case, you have created an area of 100mm x 100mm size.
  3. Shere: You create a Spherical Body.
    The radius is given in mm.

    In the dialog window, you can determine, among other things, the number of segments and layer on the Sphere. Similar to latitude and longitude on the globe, this setting determines how many segments on the  “Latitude” and how many layers to lie on the longitude, the more is the rounder the ball.
  4. Null object: A null object is an empty object with which you can connect other fixed objects together.

› Pop-up menu in the working window

The working window each containing a pop-up menu that appears when you move the mouse in the upper pane. In the pop-up menu to set the view mode to display mode and the Details window.

View mode

Menuleiste im Arbeitsfenster - Ansichtsmodus

Pop up menu with view modes

  1. Front: Front view.
  2. Side (right) view from the side (right).
  3. Top: view from above.
  4. Perspective: Perspective view.
  5. Show Grid: Toggles the background grid on or off.
  • In the pop-up menu of the selected view mode is displayed.

Display Mode

Menuleiste im Arbeitsfenster - Darstellungsmodus

Pop-up menu display modes

  1. Wireframe: A wireframe is displayed.
  2. Shaded: A shaded surface model is displayed.
  • In the pop-up menu bar, set the display mode is displayed.

Settings window

Menuleiste im Arbeitsfenster - Fenstereinstellungen

Pop up menu of the Settings window

  1. Normal: The default work with four windows will appear.
  2. Maximized: The window is shown in maximum size.
  3. View wallpaper: Sets whether a background image is displayed or not. This wallpaper you can set "Window Settings" dialog.
  4. View Background Mask: Sets whether a background mask is displayed or not. The background screen, define "Window Settings" dialog.
  5. Settings: The dialog "Window Settings" to set the color, image, form and bars of the window is opened.